Financial Planning and Analysis [FPA] is responsible for the ReportingBudgeting and Forecasting processes for the University. FPA also provide Strategic Funding/FIA support to the University financial community, as well as maintaining the General Ledger and Chart of Accounts.


Financial Planning and Analysis


Financial Planning and Analysis section

Budgeting & Forecasting

FPA is responsible for the preparation of the UQ Budget. This includes: preparation of the Tax Model, providing guidance to UQ finance staff, consolidation and review of bottom up budgets.   FPA co-ordinates and manages the ...

General Ledger / Chart of Accounts

FPA is responsible for the maintenance of the Chart of Accounts. This includes reporting structures, system rules and new chart items.  Guidance on common Chart of Ac...


FPA manages the design, development and training of the Management Reporting Framework (MRF).

Strategic Funding / Funding in Arrears

This section includes guidance, instructions and pro-forma templates related to Strategic Funding (including Funding in Arrears).

Training Guides

FPA Training Guides: Forecast Workbook, MRF Training Guide, Quick Reference Guides.

Tuition Fee Modelling

FPA manages and co-ordinates the process for the modelling of international and domestic tuition fees.
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