Income Services

Income Services is responsible for collecting and correctly allocating all monies due to the University of Queensland. The functional areas are Student Receivables (Sponsored Students), Cash Allocations (Receipting and Allocating funds), Accounts Receivables (Invoice dispatch, Refunds, Customer creation and maintenance) and Credit Management (Credit Control, Bad Debts).

Accounts Payable and Procurement are two teams reporting to the Director of Strategic Procurement. Whilst the teams operate independently their work is complementary.

The Accounts Payable section is responsible for the payment of both domestic and overseas creditor invoices; processing credit and adjustment notes; actioning returned and failed payments; processing reimbursement claims (other than salary payments); maintaining supplier account details; administering corporate cards; advising staff on allowance entitlements; overseeing other payment processing including refunds and Homestay payments; training and assisting unit finance officers.

The Procurement Section’s objective is to assist all faculties, schools and institutes to obtain best value for money in the acquisition of goods, services and capital works, which have been ethically sourced, and to ensure the University is not exposed to undue commercial risk. The procurement team aims to provide expert advice, support and feedback regarding all aspects of procurement, in a professional and timely manner. To also assist UQ buyers with the preparation of procurement plans, compiling and issuing Tender documents, drafting contracts, and performing administrative tasks, which reduces the total cost of the procurement process. Best practice procurement ensures UQ purchases with integrity and the highest ethical standards as well as being committed to the transparency of process and accountability. For more information please refer to the Procurement Portal

Contract and Grants Accounting is responsible for the preparation of certified financial statements and acquittals for research projects and any non research external contract and grant funding; billing and receipt of grant income; refunds of unexpended research grant and the transfer of research grant income to other institutions. It is also responsible for the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC); Research Infrastructure Funding; Corpus (Investment) Donation and Bequest Funding; and to ensure financial reporting is accurate and compliant with grantor contractual requirements and accounting standards.
Financial Planning and Analysis (FPA) is responsible for the ReportingBudgeting and Forecasting processes for the University. FPA also provide Asset Management Plan (AMP) and Strategic Funding/FIA support to the University Financial Community, as well as maintaining the General Ledger and Chart of Accounts.
The Finance Client Support Services team within Finance and Business Services manages the development and delivery of training resources for all Finance functions including the University’s financial system – UniFi.

Finance Client Support Services is also the first point of contact for all FBS related queries. 


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